Snapshots Screen

The Snapshots Screen allows SharePoint administrators to track changes in the SharePoint environment.

This screen will display all the snapshots of your environment created using SysKit Security Manager.

The Load Duration column displays how long it took to take a snapshot of your environment.

The Type of Snapshot column shows whether a snapshot was taken with the Custom or Auto discovery option. The Custom snapshot option gives you the ability to manage site collections for snapshots. This option will not load new site collections, only existing ones. The Automatic Discovery option allows you to create a full snapshot of your environment. SysKit Security Manager will automatically detect and load from new site collections in SharePoint.

You’ll be able to see the number of loaded SharePoint sites, Office 365 groups, Microsoft Teams, and personal OneDrive accounts in each snapshot.

The following actions are available:

  • Take Snapshot – Take a manual snapshot of your environment.

  • Snapshot Schedule - Take a snapshot automatically, at the time you specified.

  • Open Snapshot – Open the currently selected snapshot.

  • Snapshot Details – Get detailed information about what was loaded in the selected snapshot.

  • Delete Snapshot – Delete the currently selected snapshot.