SysKit Security Manager 3.0.0 - Release Note

SysKit Security Manager is centralized SharePoint and Office 365 security reporting and management tool. It was created to help SharePoint global and site collection administrators with controlling the security in their SharePoint and Office 365 environment.

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Product version: 3.0.0
Build number: 786
Release date: July 18, 2018


  • Tool has gone through some changes since the last version. One of those changes is that it is no longer required to enter a password for SharePoint Online directly into SysKit Security Manager. From now on, we are using the default sign-in experience. This also means that SysKit Security Manager now has support for Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA). However, SysKit Security Manager requires consent from a global administrator. If you are an existing user, you will be prompted to Sign in and give global admin consent for additional permissions for your existing connections.
  • Automatic Discovery of Site Collections and Office 365 Groups for Global and Farm Administrators – If you are a global admin in Office 365 or a farm admin in SharePoint On-Premise, you will be able to automatically discover and connect to all site collections and Office 365 Groups in the tenant.
  • Ability to Import Site Collection List from File – If you are a site collection admin or a farm admin, you can connect to multiple site collections at one time by importing site collection URLs from a text file. Site collection URLs in the file must be newline separated.
  • Ability to Take Partial Snapshots – The Take Snapshot option makes a snapshot of your environment. Now you can choose which site collections will be included in a snapshot. Decide either to auto-discover and load new site collections and Office 365 groups or load site collections and Office 365 groups from existing connections.
  • Remove Tenant/ Web Application Connection – We added this action so you can easily remove unwanted tenant and web application connections from SysKit Security Manager. This option removes connections to all associated site collections and Office 365 groups as well.
  • Security Audit Report
    • Users with Privileged Access – Shows all users with privileged access on the tenant or farm, such as the farm and site administrators or primary and secondary administrators, Users with Full Control/Full Read Web Application Policy, etc.
  • Health Check Reports
    • Directly Assigned Permissions– Shows users who have directly assigned permissions to securable objects within the selected site collections. Avoid granting permissions directly to individuals and work with groups instead.
    • Lists with Uniquely Secured Items – Shows lists and libraries containing list items with broken permissions inheritance.
    • Uniquely Secured List Items – Shows all list items with broken permissions inheritance.

Bug Fixes

  • When attempting to connect to site collection using the URL of a subsite, SysKit Security Manager displayed the following error: "' is not a valid site collection or is not accessible." —To avoid this error, we improved the validation of site collection links. Now you can connect to your site collection using subsite links or any URL that includes a valid URL of a site collection.
  • We have fixed the "Field or property "Principal Id" does not exist." error displayed when trying to load SharePoint 2010 site collections.