Adding Sites

Describes how to add SharePoint Online sites to SysKit Sense.

The SysKit Sense does not automatically detect all the SharePoint sites on tenant. Users have to manually enter the site they wish to monitor. Add Site button is visible on every page in the header of the application. By clicking the button users will be prompted to enter the valid URL of SharePoint Online site. To successfully add SharePoint site, the logged user have to have Read permissions on the SharePoint site. Once the site is added SysKit Sense will start to collect data immediately.

There are two options to add site to SysKit Sense: 1. Clicking on Add Site button and adding one site at the time. 2. Clicking on Add Site button, then clicking on the Add Multiple Sites link. Once user clicks the link it will open an dialog to enter multiple sites at the time. Here users have an option to use a prepared CSV file with the list of SharePoint Online site URLs. The file must be formated in a way that each SharePoint Online site URL is in separate line.