Unauthorized Actions

Describes the process needed to fix the Unauthorized Actions message users come across

When the user tries to perform the actions that require Administrator application role, SysKit Sense will show a dialog warning the user that they do not have appropriate permissions. Learn more about Application Roles in SysKit Sense here.

Steps to fix the Unauthorized Actions dialog

Users have to use the Azure Portal to assign the Application Roles. The steps to assign the Application Roles are: 1. Navigate to Azure Portal 2. Navigate to Azure Active Directory 3. Navigate to Enterprise Applications (located in the left navigation menu) 4. In the Application Type dropdown, select All Applications option. In the search bar, search for SysKit Sense. Select the SysKit Sense application. 5. Navigate to Users and Groups (located in the left navigation menu) 6. Click on Add User button and follow the wizard to assign Administrator role to required to users.

Note User assigning roles have to be Configuration Owner of the SysKit Sense Active Directory Application.

NOTE If you add additional Application Roles to user, user have to log out and once more log in into application for the new Roles to be applied.