Customize Settings

To customize Syskit Insights settings click the Settings button located in the bottom left corner. 5. On the settings screen the available settings are divided into:

  • General settings

  • Farm settings scoped by each farm.

  • Agent settings scoped by each agent.

Available general settings

  • Email settings

    • A list of settings required to send email notifications when alert occurs.

Available farm settings:

  • Assigned agent

    • When the Syskit Insights Agent starts for the first time, it will be associated with all the farms in your Syskit database. If at some point you connect another farm to your Syskit database, it will be associated with the first free active agent.

    • If the agent associated by default is not satisfactory, change this option.

    • If for some reason you wish to stop monitoring a farm, just select None as the desired agent.

    • One agent can be assigned to multiple farms.

  • ULS collection configuration

    • Here you can change which ULS event levels you want to collect. You can choose from the standard SharePoint ULS levels.

    • All of the ULS categories and sources are preselected by default.

  • Windows Event Log collection configuration

    • Here you can change which Windows Event Levels and Logs you wish to monitor

    • Configure Windows event sources to monitor. By default SPDocKit, SharePoint and SQL are added.

  • SQL collection configuration

    • Enabled by default.

  • Performance monitoring

    • Enabled by default.

  • Intra-farm Latency Configuration

    • Enabled by default.

    • Ping response time threshold: 1ms by default

    • Ping rate above threshold tolerance: 0.1% by default

Available agent options

  • Enable/Disable data collection

    • Will stop/start data collection (log and performance data) from all farms associated with the selected Syskit Insights Agent.

  • Collection interval

    • How often to collect log data (default is 15 seconds).

  • Data retention period

    • How long do you wish to keep the data (default is 7 days for both Search and Performance).

  • Max index size

    • Data collection will stop when this limit is reached.

  • Performance data collection interval

    • How often to collect performance data (default is 60 seconds)

  • Remove agent - only supported for an inactive agent.

    • Uninstall the selected Syskit Insights Agent form the machine where it is located.

    • You can do so by uninstalling Syskit Insights completely.

    • Wait a couple of minutes for the agent to register as offline.

    • Remove the agent by using this option.

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