Syskit Insights 3.0.0

This article describes what’s new and improved in the latest version of Syskit Insights.

Syskit Insights 3.0 has arrived. This version will provide SharePoint admins and company managers with health overview of your environment. Receive simple report on your email regularly and browse it in minutes to spot trends and see the state of your environment.

Give it a try and let us know what you think!

Product version: 3.0.0 Build number: 853 Release date: Dec 19, 2018

Click here to download the new release.


  • Health Overview report: Receive a daily or weekly pdf report about the state of your environments . Schedule the report to arrive either daily or weekly. For detailed information, see this article.

  • Refresh Farm Configuration. When adding a new server to a farm, you don’t need to add it manually. Simply click the Refresh Farm Configuration button on the Farms tab and all new servers will be added.


  • We have improved the way we detect and handle SQL clusters, and in general all high availability technologies. In addition, SQL named instances are now fully supported.

  • When sending an Event Alert email, we now attach an excel file containing all the relevant logs.

  • Minor bug fixes and improvements.

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