SysKit Point Lite 1.0.0

We’ve released SysKit Point Lite! This is the newest addition to our line of monitoring products, created to help Office 365 global administrators with keeping their environment secure and healthy. SysKit Point Lite is a free cloud-based solution and we intend to keep it free. To dig out more details, read this release note.

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Product version: 1.0.0 Release date: Dec 13, 2018

Collect intelligent data about your Office 365 environment on a single dashboard

  • List all users found in your Office 365 tenant and their licensing status.

  • List all Office 365 groups and associated Microsoft Teams found in your Office 365 tenant.

  • List all external users in the Office 365 tenant and anonymous links.

  • Get the default permission levels that have been customized.

  • List all site collection Administrators within a site collection.

  • Identify groups without permissions and without users, orphaned users, etc.

  • Get top users by storage used in OneDrive.

  • Identify OneDrive that are close to exceeding the storage limit in the Office 365 tenant.

  • List all Microsoft Teams found in your Office 365 tenant.

  • And much more...

Read more about all available reports in our Quick Start Guide:

Analyze, identify, and react

Use Score Results to check the health of your Office 365 environment. It will analyze how aligned your regular activities and security settings are with best practices. Work on improving your score results by tracking and planning incremental improvements to your environment.

In case you are interested in a deeper dive into Office 365 security, permissions, Microsoft Teams and Office 365 groups' management, you might want to try out SysKit Point, check it out!