Send Scheduled Reports

This article describes what are and how to use Schedule Reports.

Send Scheduled Reports

Scheduled Reports

In order to use this feature, you have to turn it on in the Settings menu. There you can also change preferred time of day to send reports and email settings.

On the Scheduled Reports Screen you can see all created report sets, their destination, when was the last run time, frequency and scheduling date. Also you can create new report sets and access schedule options. If you hover over one of the report sets, on the right corner you will get additional options – Edit, Delete and Send now.

If you installed the application using the default way, Report Sets will be sent while the application is turned on or minimized in the tray. If the application was not running at the scheduled time, Report Sets will still be sent upon turning on the application within 24 hours.

Create a new Report Set

This section describes how to create scheduled Report Sets in SysKit Security Manager. Data you receive from these reports is gathered from the latest loaded snapshot information.

There are two ways to create new Report Set:

  • On the Scheduled Reports screen

  • On the Security Reports screen: more precisely on each individual report screen there is a button to schedule report of that specific report and you can choose to create a new report set or to add to existing one.

If you wish to use Scheduled reports feature, make sure you configured the Scheduled Settings properly.

  1. Set name and schedule on which reports will be sent. Available delivery periods are daily, weekly and monthly. Exact time can be changed in scheduled settings.

  2. Choose delivery options:

  3. Email

    • Required fields are Send To and Body. Provide the Email Address to which you wish to send the subscription. You can enter more recipients – just separate the email addresses with semicolons. Type in the Subject and Body text.

    • On default is set on Exchange Online which means that Report Set will be sent via Exchange Online on behalf of current user. In scheduled settings you can set up Outgoing Email server. That way email will be sent through existing email server using the supplied information.

Please note! If you don't set up outgoing email server, reports for the On-Prem SharePoint can't be sent via e-mail.

  • SharePoint Library

    • Report Sets will be uploaded to the SharePoint document library.

You can select both delivery methods. Report Sets will be sent to the email addresses you provided and uploaded to the SharePoint document library.

  1. Choose wanted Report from available Security Reports.

For certain reports, you will have to adjust filters to complete the report configuration. The filters will define the data displayed in the report. Click Add to add the selected report to the subscription.

  1. You can add more reports by repeating previous steps or delete added reports.

  2. Click Finish to create Report Set and exit.