SysKit Security Manager - SharePoint and Office 365 security management tool

This article describes what is this new SharePoint and Office 365 security reporting and management tool bringing in the first release.

SysKit Security Manager is centralized SharePoint and Office 365 security reporting and management tool. It was created to help SharePoint site collection administrators with controlling the security in their SharePoint and Office 365 environment. Let's see what this version of the tool is bringing to the table.

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Product version: 1.0.0 Build number: 570 Release date: Apr 11, 2018

Site Collections Screen – Explore and manage SharePoint permissions (Online & On-Premise)

Good news! Managing SharePoint permissions just got easier with SysKit Security Manager. The tool offers the following management actions:

  • Grant Permissions

  • Break/Restore Inheritance

  • Create SharePoint Group

  • Edit Group Settings

  • Add to Group/Copy to Group

  • Add Members

  • Move to Group

  • Edit Permissions

  • Remove Permissions

  • Clone Permissions

  • Transfer Permissions

  • Delete User

  • Delete Group

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Items with Unique Permissions

Detection of unique permissions at the item level and deep nested SharePoint structure can be a challenging task. This report helps you find out folders and files which have unique permissions. Drill to Report action enables you to list all permissions of the items with broken inheritance.

External Users & Anonymous Access Links

If your site collection is enabled for sharing with external users or sharing by using anonymous access links is allowed, these two reports can help you increase data security and compliance.

  • External Users on Site Collection – Shows all of the external users that have accessed your site collection.

  • Anonymous Access Links – Lists all the items that are shared to anonymous users with anonymous access links.

Access Requests

Review the list of people requesting access and manage access requests.

Office 365 Groups Management

Get an overview of your connected Office 365 Groups and manage group settings, permissions and membership from a single interface.

Read more about Office 365 Groups.

Export reports to Excel

Export any Security Manager report to Excel. Using Excel, you can easily filter, explore, and analyze your data. Share your report file with your boss or colleagues, or print it out.

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