SharePoint Best Practices Library by SPDocKit

About SPDocKit

SPDocKit is every SharePoint administrator’s must-have tool, offering a multifunctional administration experience – use it for documenting, reporting and managing SharePoint farm.

This powerful stand-alone tool offers many time-saving administering options that you can not perform through the SharePoint admin UI. Thanks to its ever-growing number of implemented features it allows administrators and consultants to generate professional-looking documentation, explore and manage SharePoint permissions, enforce governance policies, monitor farm health, check best practices and much more.

Best practices Reports

SharePoint farms contain hundreds of different settings for Web Applications, Site Collections, Service Applications and other components that make SharePoint such an amazing platform for collaboration. Maintaining all these settings can be a difficult job, though, especially when there is more than one in-house administrator or a partner company is providing SharePoint services. There are built-in Best practices reports that are included in the product and custom Best Practices reports that you can create on your own. All reports are available for Word export.

The built-in reports are based on an array of best practices, including TechNet SharePoint 2010 Operational best practices and SharePoint 2013 Operational best practices, known SharePoint software capacity and limits and other community based best practices.

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