ModelDB Files Autogrowth

ModelDB Files Autogrowth best practices report by SPDocKit determines whether the model database is set up correctly.

Issue description

This check determines whether the model database is set up correctly.


SharePoint Server uses SQL Server to store configuration and user data. Therefore it is extremely important that SQL Server be as optimized as possible. The model database can be set up so as to reduce administrative overhead significantly.

The model database is used as the template for all databases created on an instance of SQL Server. The entire contents of the model database, including database options, are copied to the new database. Changing the settings on the model database will affect all databases created afterwards.


This is general guidance on setting the model database autogrowth settings. The model database autogrowth should be in megabytes, and set to a value larger than the default. You should not use the default settings. These values should be set in accordance with your environment. Consider, for example, a scenario where content is gradually increased, say at 100MB increments, and autogrowth is set at 10MB. Then suddenly a new document management site requires a very large amount of data storage, perhaps with initial size of 50 GB. For this large addition, growth at 500 MB increments is more appropriate than 10MB increments.

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