Consultant License FAQ

This article provides answers to most frequently asked questions about the Consultant license.

How does the Consultant license differ from the Farm license?

The Consultant license allows you to document an unlimited number of farms for a period of one year (subscription license). If you are doing SharePoint consulting for various customers, we recommend the Consultant license, but if you are an in-house consultant then the Farm license would be your choice.

What are the Consultant license restrictions?

There are several restrictions in the Consultant edition:

  • Consultant License Call Home – once activated, the Consultant license has to be re-activated every 30 days.

  • The license file generated for the offline activation is only valid for 72 hours. If you try to activate SPDocKit with a license file generated more than 72 hours ago, the activation process will fail.

  • SPDocKit Service and the database are not available with the Consultant license. This also means that the following features are unavailable due to this restriction:

    • Automatic Snapshots*

    • Automatic Data Retention

    • Automatic Email Subscriptions

    • Site and Permissions Explorer

    • Permissions, Analytics & Usage, Audit report

    • Automatic Queries and Rules

*These actions can still be manually executed.

Is there a license agreement available for the Consultant license? Also, does unlimited mean that installation is possible on all desired client farms?

Yes, the Consultant license allows you to document unlimited farms for the duration of the subscription term.


Under the terms of a Consultant license, only one consultant is permitted to use SPDocKit Consultant. A consultant is a specific individual designated to use SPDocKit. A Consultant License may not be used concurrently on different computers.

The Consultant license is sold as a yearly subscription and must be renewed upon expiration for continued use.

I am a consultant and my client wants to use my license — is this allowed?

We do like to share, but unfortunately, in this case the consultant is the only person allowed to use the license. You may, however, share the reports and documentation with your client.

How will my SPDocKit Consultant subscription be automatically renewed?

If you have selected the option to automatically renew then you do not need to do anything to renew your subscription.

Prior to expiration, an email will go out to the email address on file, alerting you that your subscription is about to expire and that your card will be charged for another subsequent term.

If for any reason it is not possible to charge the card (for example, your credit card has expired) you will receive a reminder by email advising you to update your credit or debit card information accordingly. If you are unable to resolve the problem immediately and your subscription expires, please contact us.

How does the SPDocKit Consultant subscription work?

A Consultant Subscription allows one consultant to install SPDocKit Consultant on a single machine of his/her choosing.

  1. This license is not for in-house IT staff (i.e. Jack Wagner, a system engineer working as a full-time employee for Ajax Corp, cannot buy an SPDocKit Consultant license for use at Ajax Corp).

  2. This is a PER CONSULTANT license and it can only be used by ONE consultant. If there is more than one consultant planning to use SPDocKit, each consultant will need to purchase an additional license.

  3. This license is a subscription and needs to be renewed after it expires (one year from the date of purchase).

  4. Subscriptions cannot be activated using a general email address (i.e. sales@, info@, ITteam@, etc.) or

  5. Subscriptions cannot be activated using an email addresses issued by Hotmail, gmail, Yahoo, etc.

Will it run on my workstation and connect to the farm without installing on the actual servers?

If you purchase the Consultant license, you will be able to run SPDocKit Consultant on your workstation and generate documentation from it, but in order to gather data, you will still need to run the SPDocKit Consultant Snapshot Wizard tool or the SPDocKit PowerShell module on the actual SharePoint On-Premises server.

How do I cancel my SPDocKit subscription?

While we are sad to see you go, you may cancel your subscription at any time before the subsequent renewal is due, by notifying our support team. You will still be able to use the remaining days, but your subscription will be canceled at the end of your term.

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