SPDocKit Consultant 10

This article describes new features, improvements and bug fixes delivered in SPDocKit Consultant 10.

SPDocKit Consultant 10 is a major release containing many highly requested features. At Syskit, it's still giving season, so scroll down to find your new gifts!

Product version: 10.0.0 Build number: 11521 Release date: Jan 15, 2020

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  • New Property Bag reports available! When dealing with custom solutions deployed in SharePoint farms, you need to monitor how their configuration is changing through time. This comes in handy, especially in situations where something is suddenly not working right. To help you with such scenarios, we bring you three new reports to monitor Property Bag values where custom solution settings are usually saved. You can find the Farm Property Bag, Web Application Property Bag, and Site Collection Property Bag reports in the Farm Explorer.

  • New Search Reports available! Six additional reports inside the Search Service Application report set will help you have a better overview of the Search configuration. The new reports now available are – Result Sources, Query Client Types, Query Rules, Query Rule Conditions, Query Rule Results, and Crawler Impact Rules.

  • Excel exports now support header and footer customizations! When exporting to excel, headers and footers defined in Report Options are also exported.


  • Added Extra spacing after each heading option available when generating Best Practices documentation.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where SPDocKit Consultant could not be activated because of SharePoint DLLs registered on the machine which were erroneously considered as SharePoint installation.

  • Fixed a bug where SharePoint 2019 was erroneously displayed as SharePoint 2016 in the Farm Explorer Product Keys report.

  • Fixed a bug where generated AutoSPInstaller XML files couldn't be imported to https://autospinstaller.com/ because of a version mismatch.

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