Compare Wizard

This article describes SPDocKit Consultant Compare Wizard and available comparison types. Compare SharePoint farms, server, web application, site collection or web.config files.

Compare Wizard provides the possibility to track farm configuration changes and compare specific SharePoint elements. With a couple of easy steps you can view the desired differences and export the result.

  • Compare Farms – compare farm settings from stored in a snapshot to SharePoint's default settings, or compare two saved snapshots - with various mapping and ignore options, you can easily compare different farms.

  • Compare Servers – compare differences between two servers in your farm or track the changes that were made to a server over time.

  • Compare Web Applications – compare differences between two Web applications or track how a Web application's settings have changed over time.

  • Compare Site Collections – compare differences between two site collections or track how a site collection's settings have changed over time.

  • Compare Web.config files – verify that web.config files on all of your web front end servers are identical for the same Web application. You can also check what the differences are between web.config files on various Web applications.

Learn more about comparing SharePoint objects by clicking on the feature you're interested in.

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