Personalize Best Practices Reports

This article describes how to create custom best practices reports in SPDocKit Consultant.

Create a new best practices report

The first option is to create a completely new Best Practices report using the Best Practices wizard.

The second option is to save the built-in Best Practices report as a new one and then modify some of the settings so that this report better matches your SharePoint settings. Use the Save As button to save the desired report under a different name and then the Edit button to configure new settings.

Adjust the best practices dashboard view

Click Customize Best Practices on the Best Practices Home ribbon. Deselect the check boxes for the reports you don’t want to monitor. Click Save to finish adjusting your dashboard view.

Customize the built-in best practices values

Best Practices reports checking some numerical values, like the amount of RAM per server, can be customized as well. Select the Best Practices report you would like to modify, click Customize Best Practices and edit the numerical values on the right to fit your requirements.

Please note! If you edit these values, the Best Practice report will display a warning that the default values have been changed.

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