Available Best Practices Reports

This article describes which best practices reports are available in SPDocKit Consultant and can help you keep your SharePoint farm healthy.

We have prepared a detailed overview of all available reports in SPDocKit Consultant with descriptions and instructions in our Best Practices Library.

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The built-in reports contain information from various sources: most of them come from official articles by TechNet, MSDN, or other reliable sources, and some pieces of information come from personal experience. The purpose of these articles is to help you validate your farm configuration and optimize it according to the latest SharePoint best practices.

Available best practices checks

With each new release, Best Practices are extended with new reports. Our tool covers the following areas:

  • Configuration

  • Databases

  • Hardware Requirements

  • Maintenance

  • Monitoring and Logging

  • Service Applications

  • SharePoint Software Boundaries and Limits

  • Site Collection Health

  • Updates

  • Web Applications

  • Reports Updates

We will regularly update all articles delivered with this product, but please note that the guidance information might change frequently, so we encourage you to check the official resources for changes. Below every article in the library you will find all relevant and official articles listed in the Additional information section.

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