Options Wizard

This article explains how to use the Options wizard to adjust and change your SPDocKit Consultant settings.


Here you can change the startup options:

  • Enable Verbose logging – use this only for diagnostics purposes or when asked by the support team.

  • Turn on the automatic update check.

  • Adjust proxy settings.


Allows you to customize how documents are saved. Tags used while constructing the header and footer are: CompanyName, Logo, AppName, Date, Page, TotalPages and Server.

By using the | separator, the location of each tag can be specified i.e. if the header is set to {CompanyName}||{Logo}, the company name will appear in the upper left corner of the page, the upper center will be blank, and the upper right corner of the page will contain the logo (if uploaded).

The default footer is set to Generated by {AppName} on {Date}|Page {Page}/{TotalPages} i.e. the application name and the date the export was made will appear in the lower left corner of the page, the lower center will be blank and the lower right corner of the page will contain the number of the page currently opened along with the total page number.


You can define with which snapshot the current one is compared when detecting configuration changes.

  1. Previous snapshot - the current snapshot is compared with the last snapshot taken.

  2. Last good configuration - with this option selected, the current snapshot is compared with the latest snapshot that is marked as good.

Note that if you choose option 2. and there are no snapshots marked as good, SPDocKit Consultant will compare the current snapshot to the last snapshot taken.

This section also allows you to define which farm settings should be compared in the Compare Wizard. The selection you make here will be used as a default template when comparing two farms, but you can modify it directly in the Compare Wizard each time you use it.

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