Offline Activation

This article lists steps for the offline license activation.

The Consultant license can be activated on any workstation, but you need to have a valid SPDocKit Consultant subscription. Please take special care that the Consultant license is intended for consultant's usage only.

Here is how to activate a Consultant license offline:

  1. From the left navigation bar on the Backstage Screen select Help and click on the License Details section to begin the activation process.

  2. Click on the Offline Activation link and a new activation dialog will appear. Follow these steps:

    • Click on the Generate button to generate a License Details (.dlic) file.

    • Navigate to the Activation Page and select Consultant License activation option.

    • Select the Version of SPDocKit Consultant you are creating a license for.

    • On the Activation Page, login with your username and password. You need to use the same email and password that you received during your online purchase. Contact us if you do not have the activation information.

    • Upload the License Details (.dlic) file.

    • Click on Generate license file!.

    • Download the license file (.lic).

  3. Click on the Browse button, locate your license file and upload it.

  4. Click the Activate button. Activation takes a couple of seconds and is a one time process.

    • The license file (.lic) is only valid for the user account and server where the License Details (.dlic) file was generated in step 2.

Please note! The Consultant license file is valid for 72 hours from the time of generation.

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