SPDocKit by SysKit

SPDocKit by SysKit is the ultimate SharePoint management and administration tool. It was developed for administrators and consultants to save time and automate their administration tasks.

Improve your SharePoint farm performance with this user-friendly and powerful solution trusted by thousands of global customers.


  • Automatically generate SharePoint farm documentation with a few clicks

  • Explore and manage SharePoint and SharePoint Online permissions

  • Audit and validate farm configuration according to the latest best practices

  • Compare farms (e.g. Production, QA, DEV) and track changes

  • Compare Web Applications, Site Collections, Permissions, Servers and Web.config Files

  • Create reports on farm storage, structure, features and content usage

  • Enforce governance policies with queries and rules

  • Generate an AutoSPInstaller XML Configuration File

  • Monitor farm performance – keep an eye on server performance counters

  • Monitor ULS, SQL and Windows Event Logs to keep your farm healthy

SharePoint farm administration is faster and easier with SPDocKit.

Download free trial and give it a try!