Permissions Explorer Screen

This article describes how to use SPDocKit Permissions Explorer to explore SharePoint permissions.

With Permissions Explorer farm administrators can explore SharePoint permissions in real time by simply navigating to the specific securable object. Use the explorer on the left-hand side to navigate and expand to the desired SharePoint securable objects and view permissions details.

To create and use the SPDocKit permission reports, you will have to take a snapshot of your farm with the SharePoint permissions settings included. From the filtering options on the right-hand side, you can choose the date you wish to explore permissions from.

Manage ribbon

Use permissions management actions to grant, edit or remove SharePoint permissions on the selected securable object. You can also audit permissions changes or restore permissions to a previously recorded state. Read more about available permissions management actions.

Tips & tricks

Select a principal and right-click. A context menu will appear with all available permission management options. They work the same way as the ones from the Manage ribbon.

Wizards ribbon

Use SPDocKit permission wizards to easily grant, edit or remove SharePoint permissions across the selected scope. Read more about permission management wizards and how to use them.

Compare ribbon

The following buttons are available in the Compare ribbon:

  • Compare to Parent – available for objects with broken permissions only. Choose this button to compare differences between the selected securable object and it's parent.

  • Compare to Previous – available when there are previous permission records for the selected securable object. Explore how permissions for a selected securable object have changed over time.

  • Advanced Compare – to compare the selected securable object to any other securable object from historical loading info.

View ribbon

The following buttons are available in the View ribbon:

  • Choose Columns – customize your report view. Remove or reorder columns to personalize it to your needs.

  • Reset Layout – restore the default report view settings.

  • Expand/Collapse – makes browsing reports much easier when you have large amount of data.

  • View in SharePoint – view the selected site in SharePoint.

  • Site Permissions – view and manage the selected securable object's permissions in SharePoint directly from your browser.

  • Principal Permissions – view and manager permissions for the selected principal on a specific object, directly from your browser.

  • Principal Properties – show principal properties.

  • Permission Details – show permission details.

  • Allow AD Access - enable this option if you would like to see AD group memberships, but keep in mind that this might increase the report generation time.

  • Show All Groups - enable this option if you would like to see SharePoint groups that do not have any permissions assigned but still exist on this site collection.

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