The service application ‘UPA Name’ does not have any proxies that are default in a proxy group

This article explains how to handle issue when SharePoint farm settings load is not working properly.


While trying to load SharePoint farm settings with SPDocKit I received the following message:
The service application ‘UPA name’ does not have any proxies that are default in a proxy group.


For each UPA (User Profile Application) you need to have its proxy set as a default in a proxy group. This means that if you have three UPAs, you need to have at least three proxy groups.
Here is what you need to do:
  1. 1.
    Create a new proxy group. Unfortunately, there is no UI for this, so you have to use PowerShell. Use the command:
    New-SPServiceApplicationProxyGroup "NewProxyGroup”;
  2. 2.
    Then add your service application to a newly created proxy group with the command:
    Add-SPServiceApplicationProxyGroupMember NewProxyGroup – Member babab30e-8e3a-428b-8ff4-4d5c8f455e6d
    where “NewProxyGroup” is a proxy group you created in the previous step. When adding a service application, you need to obtain its GUID. You can do that by using: