Service user does not have rights to connect to the SQL server

Article describes how to grant rights to service user that are necessary to connect to the SQL server.


The service user does not have rights to connect to the SQL server.


The service user needs to be granted the dbcreator and securityadmin server roles.

  1. Run the Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio. Find the subfolder Logins in the Security folder, right-click on it and choose New Login.

  2. Click on the Search button to find the desired service user.

  3. Change from which folder to select the user by clicking the Locations button.

  4. Select the Entire Directory folder or the entire Domain in which the user is being searched.

  5. Enter the object name to select, i.e. the user name you want to grant rights to. Click on the Check Names button to make sure that the user exists. If the user exists within the domain, the user’s full name will be displayed.

  6. Click on the Server Roles tab in the left navigation bar.

  7. Check the boxes next to the dbcreator and securityadmin list items. Granting these privileges to a user means they will be able to create databases and manage other users’ privileges.

    Note: If the user wants to be the system administrator of the SQL server it is enough to check the sysadmin item in the list.

  8. SQL connection should now be available.

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