Error adding service account to "spdockit_service_role" database role

This article explains how to manually add the "spdockit_service_role" database role to the SPDocKit service account.


There is a warning during SPDocKit configuration:

Error adding service account to "spdockit_service_role" database role. Check your SQL permissions.


The spdockit_service_role database role is given to the service account automatically during the configuration process. When the SPDocKit install account is not in the securityadmin SQL role then this step fails and must be performed manually.


To resolve this issue execute the following SQL commands. The account running these commands must be in the sysadmin or securityadmin server role. Replace SPDocKitServiceAccount and SPDocKit_DB with the actual values from your environment. In case the local system account was selected during SPDocKit configuration please use NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM as the value for SPDocKitServiceAccount.


USE [__SPDocKit\_DB__];  

CREATE USER [__SPDocKitServiceAccount__] FOR LOGIN [__SPDocKitServiceAccount__] WITH DEFAULT_SCHEMA=[__SPDocKitServiceAccount__];

DECLARE @username nvarchar(max)  
SELECT @username = FROM sys.database_principals AS principal WHERE sid=SUSER_SID('__SPDocKitServiceAccount__')  
 EXEC sp_addrolemember @rolename = spdockit_service_role, @membername = @username

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