Backstage Screen

This article describes the available SPDocKit Backstage actions and when to use them.
The Backstage Actions view is a set of commands that can be used to quickly approach major SPDocKit options.
The following options are available:
  • Take Snapshot button loads SharePoint farm data if an on-premises farm is detected. This option is only available on SharePoint servers.
  • View Snapshots button will take you to all your saved snapshots, and you can select any of them to open and view data.
  • Compare Wizard button starts the compare wizard that allows you to compare farms, Web applications, site collections, web config files, and permissions.
  • Options button gives you access to configuration options for adjusting SPDocKit to your needs.
  • Permissions Explorer leads you directly to SharePoint permissions, both live and historical records, collected by SPDocKit.
  • Permissions Wizards button gives you quick access to all permissions management options available.
  • Permissions Reports button will show you a set of permissions reports.
  • Analytics & Usage button will take you to the Analytics & Usage Reports. The Site Collection Analytics report is preselected, where you can see popularity trends and hits history for each site collection.
  • Audit Logs button will take you to the Audit Log Details report, where we'll show you a complete audit log on the selected site collections in a given time period.
  • Use the Queries and Rules button to open and create desired procedures or reports to enforce your SharePoint Governance policies.
    Note that this option is not available on a workstation.