SPDocKit Insights Removed

This article explains why SPDocKit Insights was removed and shows how to migrate your data to Syskit Insights.

This article explains: why SPDocKit Insights is no longer a part of SPDocKit; where to find new licenses for the new Syskit Insights; and which existing data can be reused in the new application.

But first of all, let us explain why SPDocKit Insights is no longer a part of SPDocKit. The answer is quite simple: a new and improved option is available – Syskit Insights. Syskit Insights is a new, standalone solution designed for the monitoring of your SharePoint farms. Think of it as an upgraded version of SPDocKit Insights that comes with a range of improvements and new features.

All existing customers eligible for the upgrade to Syskit Insights can find their new product keys on our customers' portal. To learn more about the upgrade paths and licensing changes that come with version 8 of SPDocKit, read this blog post.

Not everything is lost! Although Syskit Insights needs a dedicated database, you can retain your event data stored in the index, as well as the farms you monitored in SPDocKit Insights. For more details on how to migrate your data, follow the steps provided in this article.

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