Add Comments

This article describes how to add comments to Reports and individual Snapshots.


To distinguish and describe existing Snapshots and Farm Explorer Reports, you can use the Comment feature available from SPDocKit 7.3 onwards.

To start working with comments, in the Snapshots section navigate to the Comments ribbon in the top menu under the Data category and select the Show button. The same action can be done in the Farm Explorer section when any of the Farm Explorer reports, which support comments, is opened.

A new panel appears on the right side of the window with the Comments tab opened and shows all of the comments created for the currently opened report. Also, a new column appears on the left side of the Farm Explorer Report/Snapshots grid with the speech bubble icon displayed for the rows which have comments.

To add a comment to the selected Snapshot or Farm Explorer Report row, select the Add button in the top menu's Comments ribbon. You can also add a comment by clicking the beforementioned first column field. Notice the speech bubble icon and the tooltip appearing when you hover the mouse over the first column of the Farm Explorer Report grid or Snapshots grid.

The top menu's Comments ribbon enables you to easily Add, Edit, and Delete comments. The same options are available in the contextual menu that appears when you right-click a row.

To view all comments you have created, navigate to the top menu's Comments ribbon and select the Go to Report option. The All Comments report opens with the columns Author, Comment, and Last Modified displayed and grouped by Path. When you double-click a comment from the grid, associated Farm Explorer Report or Snapshot to which the comment belongs is displayed. The same action can also be done by clicking the Go to Comment button in the top menu Comments ribbon.

The All Comments report can easily be exported by selecting the Export option from the Home ribbon in the top menu.

To include your comments in the generated documentation navigate to the Backstage and select Options on the Configuration screen. Under Report Options check the Include comments in documentation option. Your comments will now be visible in the generated documentation.

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