CREATE TABLE permissions denied

An error that appears in the ULS log, stating that SPDocKit processes are trying to create tables in SharePoint databases.


Errors appear in the ULS log that state that SPDocKit processes are trying to create tables in SharePoint databases.

First and foremost, SPDocKit does not create tables or modify SharePoint databases during the snapshot process. The problem occurs when there is a permissions issue with the SPDocKit service account.

SPDocKit queries the NeedsUpgrade property of the SharePoint database. The query fails because of the lack of SELECT permission from the Versions table, and this causes SharePoint to erroneously conclude that the database should be upgraded, but fails because the CREATE TABLE permission is missing as well. When the permissions are correctly set up, there are no attempts to create tables.

The issue can easily be reproduced in PowerShell by using the SPDocKit account or for that matter any account that lacks sufficient permissions:

    $myDB = Get-SPDatabase | ?{$_.Name -eq "[SPDatabaseName]"}

After running these commands, two things can be noticed:

  1. The NeedsUpgrade property will return the wrong value: it will always be true.

  2. CREATE TABLE errors will appear in the ULS log.


Please ensure that the SPDocKit service account has the required permissions on the database in question. You need to manually add the SELECT permission to the Versions table on all of the affected SharePoint databases.

  1. Run the following SQL query to grant the necessary permissions:

       USE [SPDatabaseName];  
  2. Now when your account/user has the proper privileges, please restart both the SPDocKit application and the SPDocKit service.

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