Add Tags

This article explains how to add tags to Securable Objects.


In the Permissions Explorer, you can find another useful feature - adding tags to Securable Objects.

Tags can be added Live but also when exploring previously created snapshots.

To add a tag navigate to the top menu's Tags ribbon under the Data category. Select your target - Securable Object - in the Permissions Explorer, and select the Add Tag button. In the same ribbon, you can also find the Delete Tag button to remove a tag from the selected Object.

Add Tag and Delete Tag options are also available in the context menu which appears if you right-click a Securable Object in the tree view.

To view all created tags navigate to Snapshots section and select the Tagged Objects report. Information about all tagged objects is displayed in the Object, Object Type and Object Url columns which, by default, are grouped by Tag. The Tagged Objects report can also be accessed directly from the Permissions Explorer by selecting the Go to Report option in the top menu's Tags ribbon.

The Tagged Objects report can easily be exported by selecting the Export option from the Home ribbon in the top menu.

Each of the tagged objects can easily be accessed by selecting the appropriate row in the Tagged Objects report and clicking the Go to Object button in the top menu Tags ribbon.

Another upside of using the tag feature is the possibility to search the Securable Objects by tags. In the Permissions Explorer simply type the tag name into the Search text field. All Securable Objects tagged with the inputted text are displayed in a dropdown list. When you select a single object from the list, the object also becomes selected in the tree view and the permissions are displayed in the grid.

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