Passwords and Product keys

This article describes how to define and document service account passwords, product key and passphrase of your SharePoint farm.

This section allows you to define and document important information about your farm, including:

  • Service account passwords.

  • Product Keys for installed SharePoint products.

  • The SharePoint farm passphrase.

Entering information

To enter the information you want, just click on the cells under the Password/Key columns in the grid and type the information into them.

Encrypting passwords and saving them with snapshots

If you have defined passwords, you can choose to encrypt them. Passwords will be secured with an AES 256-bit encryption. To save the farm snapshot with the encrypted passwords:

  • From the File menu choose Save.

  • Fill in the Name field.

  • Check Include Passwords and then Encrypt Passwords.

  • You will be prompted to enter an encryption key. (The same key will be required to decrypt passwords. If the key is not provided the user will be able to open the farm, but not able to decrypt passwords)

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