SPDocKit 9

This article describes the new features, improvements, and bug fixes that are delivered in SPDocKit 9.

SPDocKit 9 is a major release that comes with a bunch of new reports, dashboards, and a lot of improvements. The list is long, so, let's get to it!

Product version: 9.0.0 Build number: 10954 Release date: Feb 05, 2019

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  • Introducing the new Dashboard trio!

    Get the most important information at a glance with a new set of visually appealing dashboards. Each dashboard tile enables you to drill down to a more detailed report where you can find specific information of interest. As already mentioned, three new dashboards are available: Farm, Analytics, and Audit. Each of them gives you a high-level view of information available in the related category; the Analytics Dashboard replaces the old Content Overview report**.**

  • New Search Analytics reports are available! With the new Search Analytics report, you can easily view the total number of searches in your farm, the number of failed searches, as well as search trends. From here, drill down to the new Top Queries report to see which terms were most often searched for.

  • New Analytics reports available! With the new set of analytics reports it is easier than ever to see the big picture, but also to quickly jump to a single document library item and see who viewed it, or made some changes.

    The new Farm Analytics report gives you a high-level view of visitor hits aggregated from all site collections in your farm, as well as weekly trends. From here, drill down to the Site Collection analytics, and further still to the new Subsite Analytics report to see the number of hits and visitors on a subsite level. Finally, explore the new Document Analytics report to see the number of views and edits for every single document in your site collection.

  • New Farm Growth report available!

    You can explore how much space is used by your content and service databases on a farm, and make plans based on predictions shown in the forecast. From here, go down to the Database Growth report to view information about each database in your farm. With the new report comes a new system jobDatabase Analytics – that collects necessary data outside of working hours.

  • New Large Documents report available!

    See which documents occupy most of your precious storage space or have a suspiciously large number of versions.

  • New Most Popular Documents report available!

    The report enables you to see the top 1,000 documents in your farm, sorted by the number of views of each in the last week or month.

  • New extension available!

    With the installation of the Document Usage extension, SPDocKit is gaining two new reports – Old List Items and Old Documents – that help you to detect old and possibly unused items in your farm.

  • New Audit Log Details and Administrative Actions alerts available!

    SPDocKit’s new audit alerts help you to keep track of all changes in your farm. Set the report to be delivered to your mail after each automatic snapshot, and prevent anyone from flying under your radar.

  • New Server Differences alerts available!

    While comparing servers, you can now easily create a Server Differences alert that will be sent to you after each automatic snapshot. You can compare SQL, IIS, and all farm servers in general.


  • SPDocKit service improved! Since adding a couple of new system jobs to SPDocKit, we have tweaked the underlying service that runs them. Now, after each automatic snapshot, the service restarts and frees the memory from unused resources. The job schedule was also improved, to ensure faster job execution and prevent possible locks when multiple jobs are running simultaneously.

  • Database Disk Usage, Database Size Growth, and Logs Size Growth reports are now combined into a single report: the Database Growth report. The new design enables you to more easily find the information you want, and track database growth over time. The revamped report now uses data collected by the new Database Analytics system job and has, therefore, become faster.

  • Improved Data retention! It is now possible to define separate data retention settings exclusively for audit logs and administrative actions – just in case you want to hang on to your audit logs a bit longer. You can now view the progress when manually running data retention, and cancel the execution if you need to.

  • Improved Farm Compare! Because some Windows services often change state between “stopped” and “running,” a newly created snapshot would often show a difference between itself and the previous snapshot. In order to reduce the number of false negatives, the following services are no longer considered in compare: WinHTTP Web Proxy Auto-Discovery Service, Network Setup Service, Microsoft Passport, Application Experience, WMI Performance Adapter.

  • SharePoint Analytics report renamed Site Collection Analytics. The Active Subsites column was added to provide you with even more useful information about your site collection usage.

  • Site collection search functionality enabled in Storage Metrics report. When a match is found for the entered term, the parent object of the site collection is expanded, and the site collection itself is highlighted.

  • We retired the Content Overview report and replaced it with the new, better, and faster Analytics Dashboard.

  • Last Modified By information added to Inactive Subsites and Unmodified Lists Analytics reports.

  • Actions filter added to the Administrative Actions report.

  • Site Visitors List report renamed Site Collection Visitors, and the date range filter limited to 30 days.

  • Added search in the Actions filter on Administrative Actions report.

  • Numerous UI improvements: clearer wizard descriptions; humanized error messages; improved behavior of filters; improved refresh of reports; data source info added to status bar, etc.

  • Expand All Groups button disabled in Storage Metrics report. Since this action is costly in resources, it was disabled.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where the System Account was displayed as Unknown in the Audit Log Details report.

  • Fixed a bug where querying recursive AD groups would cause a memory bottleneck and consequently performance problems with the SQL server.

  • Fixed an issue where the Disk Allocation Size and Database Files reports showed no data for servers with Always On Availability Groups configured.

  • Fixed a bug where the Storage Metrics report would erroneously handle and show data for content databases from different farms with the same name.

  • Fixed an issue where the Permissions Matrix report failed to show AD groups nested inside SharePoint Groups when the Principal Types filter was set to Active Directory Groups only.

  • Fixed an issue where differences were falsely indicated when comparing Service Applications Administrators.

  • Fixed a bug where the Include Content filter showed No Data when creating a Permission Differences alert. The default selection is now set to include all content and the filter itself is no longer visible in the wizard.

  • Fixed a bug in the Restore Permissions wizard that prevented the restore action being performed on the AD group ‘Everyone’. The following error was thrown: System.IndexOutOfRangeException: Index was outside the bounds of the array.

  • Fixed an issue where the System Data would show a negative size in the Storage Metrics report.

  • Fixed an issue where the Site Collection label was unnecessarily displayed in the export of Audit Settings and Audit Log Details reports.

  • Fixed an issue where the snapshot backup files were visible when browsing snapshot files to open in SPDocKit.

  • Fixed an issue where the Date range filter information was erroneously exported.

  • Fixed a bug where the Extension filter selection was not shown in the exported Document Extension Details report.

  • Fixed a bug with Farm Differences Subscription on SharePoint 2010 Farms. When sending a subscription, the following error would appear: System.NotSupportedException: Unable to create a constant value of type 'Acceleratio.SPDocKit.UserControls.PrintContainer.

  • Fixed a bug where the app would crash when trying to create a subscription on a farm for which no snapshots had been created.

  • Fixed a bug where the mouse wheel scroll would not work on the Document Extension Overview report.

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