Configure SPDocKit

This article explains how to configure the SPDocKit database and service before the first usage. SPDocKit Configuration wizard will automatically start when you start SPDocKit for the first time. Follow these steps to successfully configure the application:

  1. On the Database wizard page select whether to create a new database or use an existing one. Read more about the SPDocKit database.
  2. On the Database Configuration wizard page specify the SQL Server, Database Name and authentication. It is possible to overwrite the existing database under the same name.

    • If you are using the default instance type "servername", or "servername.yourdomain.loc"
    • If you are using a named instance type "servername\instancename", or "servername.yourdomain.loc\instancename"
    • If your SQL Server is on a non-standard port (different from 1433), type "severname,port" or "servername\instance,port". (FQDN formats are also supported)

      After providing the information, click the Test Connection button to ensure that the settings are correct.

  3. On the Service Configuration wizard page check Enable Service and type the service account details. The service account needs to have the following privileges to be able to run the service, create snapshots and other associated jobs. If you do not want to use the SPDocKit Service you can leave the Enable Service unchecked, but the following features will not be available:

    • Automatic Snapshots
    • Automatic Data Retention
    • Automatic Subscriptions and Alerts
    • Index Reorganization
    • Automatic Rules and Queries
  4. On the Service Configuration wizard page click Next to complete the Configuration Wizard and apply the changes.

Please note! To configure your SPDocKit settings more thoroughly, navigate to the File tab, click on the Configuration in the left navigation bar and press Options button.