Monitoring RD Gateway Connections

This article focuses on the Gateway Reports and how you can measure, track, and monitor connections made via RD Gateway to your Remote Desktop Services.

Syskit Monitor provides you with a clear understanding of who is using your Remote Desktop Gateway to access the corporate network from the outside. Measure, track, and monitor connections made via RD Gateway to your Remote Desktop Services. Gateway reports provide both real-time and historical data about users and logon activities.

With Syskit Monitor, you can monitor users’ activities and get summaries of important statistical data about past activities for all servers and users. It helps you meet regulatory compliance standards and optimize IT infrastructure investments. You can perform time tracking and check users’ activities by connection state (Active, Idle, Disconnected, and Remote Control). Gateway reports provide access information, giving detailed insights about Gateway usage such as who is connected and on which target computer, the IP address of the client who connected, when they connected and for how long, etc.

You can also audit all users who are connecting through the Remote Desktop Gateway Server, track logon hours, and get a complete logon history. Employee log on/off times can be monitored and user logs archived in one easy to manage central database.

Real-time alerts can be sent when something important happens with the RD Gateway Server that’s being monitored; for example, when the resource usage level for a server is nearing its limit, when the number of sessions on a server has reached the warning or critical limit, or when critical services on servers have stopped or crashed. Email notifications are easy to set up and can be delivered to selected users on a regular basis. You can also schedule email subscriptions and receive any built-in reports as PDF or Excel files.

See Gateway Reports article to learn more.

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