Create a Custom Dashboard

This article explains how to create a custom dashboard within Syskit Monitor.

To to create a custom dashboard, proceed with the following steps:

  1. Select the Dashboard tab from the left navigation bar and click on the button New.

  2. In Step 1, select the layout that will best fit your needs. This is just a suggestion. It is possible to add or remove components and change (resize or reorganize) the component layout regardless of a layout template.

  3. In Step 2, you can to select and define the following:

    • Add Report – add another report component to the selected layout (you can add up to 25 component to the dashboard).

    • Add Metric Zone – add new metric zone to the selected layout.

    • Insert Report – click the report component to add a report to this dashboard.

    • Insert Metric – click the metric zone to add new metric to this dashboard.

    • Reset Layout – clicking this button removes all the changes made to this dashboard back to the last saved layout.

    • Remove – deletes selected report container from the dashboard layout.

    • Clear – clears the selected container content.

    Clicking the report component opens the Component Designer that allows choosing which report to add. Select preferred report and click OK.

    In case that report you’ve chosen has both chart and grid you can choose which representation to put on the dashboard. You can also change all of the chart options directly in the dashboard wizard.

    Clicking the metric zone opens the Component Designer that allows choosing which metric to add. Here you can:

    • select which metric to add

    • change the metric caption

    • change the metric color.

  4. After you added the reports and metrics you want, click Finish to exit the Dashboard Wizard. Newly created dashboard will appear in the My Dashboards folder.

See How to Edit Dashboards to learn more. See How to Add Formatting Condition to metrics to learn more.

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