User Reports

User reports provide administrators with crucial information about user activities on their environments.

The set of User reports displays the most important information about user activities and other properties of user sessions.

Currently available reports are:

Summary Reports

  • Session Log Summary – Visualize users’ activities over the course of one day: first logon and last logoff time, total time connected and information about time spent in different session states.

  • User Count per Day – Shows the number of unique users who were connecting to a computer in a selected time interval.

  • User Activity by State – Displays overall user activities divided by different states (Active, Idle, Disconnected, and Remote Control).

  • Most Active Users by State – Displays the most active users by time spent on the system.

  • Resource Cost Overview – Calculates payrolls for employees that have defined hourly wage.

Detailed Reports

  • User Activity Timeline – This report shows log entries for a specific user during a selected day – check activities per session name.

  • Session Log – This report shows a detailed session log for a selected user – shows session start and end, total time on the system in a specific session state.

Sessions Count

  • Daily – Monitor total number of active, idle or disconnected sessions during one selected working day.

  • Monthly – Monitor total number of active, idle or disconnected sessions in a selected time range.

Network Traffic Reports

  • IP Addresses and Clients – Shows a full list of connected IP addresses and Client names.

  • Network Traffic by User – Track bandwidth usage for each user and use it for overall monitoring of user activities.

  • Network Traffic by Date – Track bandwidth usage over a given time interval.

  • Network Traffic by Server – Track bandwidth usage by computer and use it for computer and network capacity planning.

  • Network Traffic Details – This report shows detailed network traffic details over a selected time range.

Concurrent Usage Reports

  • Users per Day – This report shows maximum and average number of concurrent sessions through a selected time range.

  • Users per Hour – Check maximum, minimum and average number of concurrent sessions during a selected day.

  • Users per Hour – Details – Monitor concurrent sessions during a selected date and a specific hour – check which users were connected, for how long and in which session state.

Display Reports

  • Color Depths Use – Shows a list of used color depths per user – check who might have a problem with overall remote desktop experience.

  • Screen Resolutions Use – This chart shows a screen resolution usage percentage and a list of users who use a specific resolution.

  • Client Versions – This report shows who is using which Client version (shows build numbers) and the usage of older versions that can cause connectivity problems.

Time on System

  • Daily Activity – Analyze the time spent in each session state (active, idle, remote, disconnected) for a user or group of users during a selected day.

  • Monthly Activity – Check total time spent on system for a user or group of users during a selected time range.

Individual Gantt Charts

  • Daily (Gantt) – Gantt charts help you visualize activities during a working day for a specific user – track his session states through hours.

  • Daily (Gantt by Session) – In farm environments Gantt charts summarize activities across all computers and display a unique chart for each user.

Groups and OUs

  • User Activity by Group – This report shows time spent on the system by all users in each group you are monitoring.

  • User Activity by OU – This reports shows time spent on the system by each user in organizational units you are monitoring.

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