Import / Export Monitoring Template

This article describes how to import, configure and export Monitoring Templates for the successful performance monitoring of your Windows environments.

This dialog provides options for importing and configuring Monitoring Templates in the SYSmt format, as well as exporting functionality. Monitoring Templates are generated in this format when our development team creates them upon our customers’ requests.

When importing previously created Monitoring Templates in the SYSmt format, simply select the monitoring template definitions you want from your local or network drive. Afterward, assign the template(s) to the desired computers or computer groups from the upper ribbon. When applying the template(s) to collect custom performance counters data for monitored computers, these two options are available: Assign to Computers and Assign to Computer Groups.

If one or more Monitoring Templates have been assigned to specific computers or computer groups, the associated performance data will be displayed on the Detailed Analysis report.

Please note! When you are importing or exporting a monitoring template definition, all its monitoring elements will be imported / exported.

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