Configure Cost Overview Report

This article explains how to define the Hourly Wage of users connecting to the computers, which allows you to determine the costs of multiple resources. The users that are connecting to the computers can have different costs associated with them.

Resource Cost Overview Report enables you to see the costs of all the available resources during a selected period. This report displays the following payment values for each resource. These values are based on Hourly Wage entered for an individual resource in Manage Users dialog and the time which user spent on computer.

To be able to get the correct payment values on the Resource Cost Overview Report, please complete the following steps:

  1. Click File, select Manage from the left navigation bar and click the Users button.

  2. In the Manage Users dialog, select the user for whom you want to define the Hourly Wage and click Edit. If you want to change the Hourly Wage for selected user, change the appropriate text field.

  3. Click OK to finish. The payment values for the resources will appear on the Resource Cost Overview report.