Configure Report Subscriptions

This article explains how to configure report subscriptions.

In order to be able to schedule a report first you need to configure E-mail settings.

  1. Open the report you want to subscribe to and click on the Schedule This Report button from the Reports ribbon.

  2. In the New Subscription dialog, enter the following information:

    • Subscription Name

    • Select Delivery Methods you want to apply to your subscription. Available options are: Email, File Share, and SharePoint.

    • Email delivery settings which include: the e-mail addresses of the recipients, the email subject and body text.

    • Delivery period:

      • Daily – report will be sent on Every X day(s) or Every Workday.

      • Weekly – report will be sent on the preferred day of each week.

      • Monthly – report will be sent on the preferred day of each month.

      • Quarterly – report will be sent on the preferred day of each quarter.

  3. Click on the Reports tab in the New Subscription dialog. Here you can:

    • see the list of reports added to this subscription

    • add another Report to this subscription

    • add Custom Report to this subscription

    • add PowerShell Report to this subscription

    • edit previously added report

    • delete added report

    • combine reports into a single PDF file – if there is more than one scheduled report

    • compress report(s) into a single .zip file.

  4. Double click on the listed report to change its settings. Here you can:

    • set missing values because all filters must be properly defined

    • readjust the report filters

    • change the report name

    • choose the subscription format – PDF, XLS, XLSX

    • change the report layout

  5. Click Save & Close to finish creating this subscription.

See Configure Send E-mails system job and Manage Subscriptions to learn more.