Add Citrix Servers to Monitoring

This article explains how to add Citrix servers to monitoring to properly collect all the data.

If you have a Citrix 7.x environment and you plan to monitor user sessions and application usage, there are just a few easy steps that you need to follow to get started. You need to add both Delivery Controller servers and Virtual Delivery Agent servers to monitoring.

  1. To add Citrix servers click Add in the Administration ribbon and then select the Add Computers option from the dropdown menu.

  2. The first step of this wizard will open. Select the desired Organization Units and click Next > to proceed with this wizard.

  3. A list of computers from the Active Directory will be displayed.

Please note! If you have Citrix 7.x environment, you need to add both Delivery Controller servers and Virtual Delivery Agent servers to monitoring. If you only add the Virtual Delivery Agent servers from your Citrix infrastructure, Syskit Monitor will be unable to collect data and the reports will be empty.

This wizard screen also shows the number of remaining monitoring licenses. You must have enough licenses to add the computer for monitoring, please please contact us to add additional licenses. Click Next > proceed.

  1. The License Summary step shows the number of computers that will be added and the remaining licenses. Click Next > to proceed.

  2. In the Adding Computers step, a computer status check will be performed for a list of selected computers. This functionality will provide you with more information about possible misconfigurations if the load finishes with warnings or errors.

Please note! Your computers will be added regardless of the listed warnings or errors!

The Status column will contain a link to our help page if warnings or errors occur. If you click on the link, you will be guided through the process on how to resolve the Offline and Unauthorized computer states. When the load is finished, you will have an option to save the warnings or errors that occurred to a log file in a .pdf or excel format. Click Close to exit the wizard. Afterward, a list of added computers will appear.

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