Download Templates

This dialog enables you to download and import the predefined Monitoring Templates from SysKit’s repository. There, you can find three monitoring templates tied to a specific server role, such as SharePoint, Citrix or Hyper-V. It is very important to read the template description on the right side.

If you select a monitoring template from the list, the following template information will be displayed:

  • Name – the name of the monitoring template.

  • Description – the description of the monitoring template. It is very important to read the description, as it may clarify the purpose of the template and the specific server role that the template should be applied on.

  • Version – monitoring templates can be changed and updated with more advanced functionality by our product team.

  • Author – the name of the author.

  • Date Published – the date when the monitoring template was published.

Depending on which tab is selected, the available options change their purpose:

  • Search box – Use this option to search through the available monitoring templates. The template description will also be included if it matches the entered criteria.

  • Online tab – Displays monitoring templates that are ready for installation.

  • Installed tab – Displays a list of monitoring templates that are already installed. If you want to remove installed templates, just select them and click the Remove button. Afterwards, the monitoring template(s) and all related data will be deleted.

  • Updates tab – Displays a list of monitoring templates that have been updated by our product team. If you want to update installed templates, just select them and click the Update button. Afterwards, the template(s) will be replaced with new ones, keeping all the previously defined user settings for applied computers or groups, thresholds, notifications, tolerance and restart options.

When downloading available monitoring templates, simply select the templates and click the Install button. After the monitoring templates have been downloaded, the success dialog will appear, informing you that the templates have been installed and additional configuration is necessary for the data collection to start.