Configure Syskit Monitor for Citrix XenApp 5 Published Application monitoring

This article describes how to configure your server to monitor Citrix Published Applications with the Syskit Monitor.

In order for monitoring to be successful these are the steps you will have to perform on your Citrix Management Server.

Install Citrix XenApp SDK

  1. Download the SDK from Citrix web site.

Turn off your User Account Control in order for installation to be successful.

  1. Follow the Installation Wizard steps.

  2. Make sure that the Register remote MFCOM server option is checked in.

  3. Enter the Citrix Management Server name and click Next to proceed and finish the installation.

Add Syskit Monitor service user to the Citrix Farm Administrators group

  1. Navigate to the Start > Citrix > Management Consoles > Access Management Console.

  2. Expand the Citrix Resources section and the XenApp subsection. Choose the Citrix farm and click on the Administrators group.

  3. Right click on Administrators group, choose New and select Add Administrator.

  4. In the Add Citrix Administrator wizard, change the directory type to the Operating System User Selector and click on the Add… button.

  5. Set the Object Types to Users or Groups and the Locations to Entire Directory.

  6. Enter the name of the service user that you would like to add and click OK. After you added the chosen service user, click OK and then Next.

  7. In the last step of the wizard, choose the View Only privilege level for the newly added administrator.

Add Syskit Monitor service user to the Component Services Administrators

  1. Start the Component Services by typing in the dcomcnfg in the Run window and pressing enter.

  2. Expand the Component Services section and Computers subsection. Right click on the My Computer and select Properties.

  3. Select the COM Security tab and click the Edit Limits... button.

  4. In the Launch and Activation Permission dialog, click the Add button and type in the name of the service user you want add the permissions to. Click OK to proceed.

  5. Select the newly added service user and grant him the Local Launch and Remote Launch permissions. Click OK to finish.

  6. Navigate to the Default Properties tab and change the Default Impersonation Level to Impersonate. Click OK to finish.

Your Citrix Management Server is now configured for the Syskit Monitor Published Applications monitoring.

In case of any difficulties during the configuration feel free to contact our support team.

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