Syskit Monitor 9 – The monster has awoken!

This article describes all the new features, the improvements, and the bug fixes delivered in Syskit Monitor 9.

We are proud to present the newest version of Syskit Monitor! This major release brings new features and improvements.

Here at Syskit, we are always striving to support the latest technology and solutions that the industry is bringing. This year, we've been very busy with numerous innovations introduced by Microsoft and Citrix.

Thanks to our hardworking Syskit team, you can now monitor Windows Server 2019 VMs, Remote Desktop Web Client sessions, Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops, and much more! Awesome, isn’t it?

We’ll highlight the features and some of the key improvements. To dig out more details, read this release note.

Click here to download the new release.

Product version: 9.0.0 Build number: 2173 Database version: 9.0.0

Syskit’s Features

Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops support

  • Citrix Virtual Desktops are now fully supported in Syskit Monitor.

  • The reports within Syskit Monitor are designed to make it as easy as possible for you to take control of and simplify the reporting and management of your Citrix environment.

  • Syskit Monitor automatically detects Citrix servers and starts collecting data for all your Virtual Apps and Desktops. Simply go through the Add Computers Wizard in just a few steps!

  • All your Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops names will be resolved to their published names and displayed in Syskit Monitor. Discover who is using Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops in your environment and for how long.

Windows Server 2019 support

  • We have been consistently testing Windows Server 2019 throughout the development cycle. This Syskit Monitor release will support Windows Server 2019 from Day One.

  • Add your Windows Server 2019 VMs using the Add Computers Wizard and browse through the numerous reports in Syskit Monitor.

Remote Desktop web client support

  • Syskit Monitor has supported Microsoft’s native Remote Desktop client ever since it was created in 2008. Now you can monitor and keep track of browser-based Web client sessions.

  • Easily discover who’s remotely accessing applications hosted in your environment using the RD Web client. Browse the numerous reports in Syskit Monitor and filter out different client names.


  • We have optimized our code and data collection for Citrix servers. Now it works better and faster while communicating with the underlying Citrix infrastructure.

  • The Connection Type filter in the reports has been completely redesigned. Now it includes six different connection types for filtering user sessions: RDP, Citrix, Citrix Published Apps, Citrix Published Desktops, Disconnected and Console.

Bug Fixes

  • The Applications filter in Syskit Monitor web application was not filtering out selected entries properly when exporting reports.

  • Data Collectors were sometimes displayed as ‘Offline’ in both the Manage Data Collectors dialog and the global warning bar, if the data collection process was taking too long.

Now, check out what Syskit Monitor 9 has to offer by updating your favorite server monitoring tool. As always, feel free to contact us or send us any suggestions.

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