Sessions Dashboard

Sessions Dashboard provides a quick view of all types of sessions running in your server environment.

Sessions Dashboard is shown when you start the Syskit application and it enables you to see live data, such as the current sessions and running processes on all servers. There are five system dashboards which provide a quick overview of user activities, application usage, used licenses and overview of important reports.

  • Dashboard navigation bar – Provides the list of System Dashboards and custom made dashboards. By navigating throughout them, you will get an easy overview of your computers, users and applications data.

  • Sessions Dashboard chart – Provides live time graphical overview of sessions in progress.

  • Sessions – Shows the number of sessions in progress. You can choose which session states you want to display on the Sessions Dashboard chart. Clicking on the Show current sessions link provides more detailed report.

  • Computers – List of active computers and their states. Different computer color marks indicate different computer state. By hovering over the help icon, see the computer color state legend. Clicking on the Manage Computers link opens the Administration – Computers category which provides more information about each computer individually.

There are 2 visual color indicators for computers’ sessions:

  • Yellow – online computer that has reached an alarming number of users (e.g. 51 users online, the warning threshold is 50)

  • Red – online computer that has reached a critical number of users (e.g. 101 users online, the warning threshold is 100)

Use the Administration – Computers category to adjust the values for warning and critical session thresholds.

  • Processes – Number of currently running processes. Clicking on the Show current processes link provides more detailed report.

  • System Job status – This is an indicator of a system job status, located in the lower-left corner. Here you can:

    • view the system job progress state, computer name on which a system job is currently running and when the job was started,

    • view information about currently running system jobs,

    • open the System Jobs dialog.

It is not possible to edit nor save Session Dashboard as a dashboard template nor change the date range. It is however possible to edit the other dashboards.

Users can also create custom dashboards that will better meet their needs.

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