Syskit Monitor 8.4.0 - Release Note

This article describes a couple of improvements and bug fixes delivered in Syskit Monitor – 8.4.0.

We are proud to present a new, refreshed version of Syskit Monitor, which comes with a new name and logo! We felt like a change and, with a move to new office space, we decided we might do a bit more than just remodeling and changing of our address. In the rebranding process, we’ve gone all out by changing the logo and names of all our products.

We’ve renamed our server monitoring tool, from Syskit to Syskit Monitor.

This release brings a couple of improvements and bug fixes. Now, go check out what Syskit Monitor has to offer by refreshing your favorite server monitoring tool. As always, feel free to contact us or send us any suggestions.

Click here to download the new release.

Product version: 8.4.0 Build number: 2119 Database version: 8.3.0


  • Syskit Monitor now has a new name, logo, and splash screen!

  • Syskit's repository has been updated with twelve new PowerShell scripts that are designed to simplify reporting and administration of the VMWare environment. You can download and try the available scripts through the Syskit Monitor.

  • Certain parts of the application that affect the overall speed have been optimized.

Bug Fixes

  • Gateway Sessions for servers with Windows Server 2016 OS were not collected properly due to incorrect code logic.

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