Install Syskit Monitor Data Collector

This article describes how to install the Syskit Monitor Data Collector for the Syskit Monitor application.

Tip! In case you have more than 100 servers, or geographically distribuded servers, you are advised to have Syskit Monitor Data Collector. Please contact our support team who will provide you with the detailed instructions and setup file.

  1. Run the SysKitMonitorDataCollector.exe.

  2. Click Next > to continue with the installation.

  3. Click I Accept the terms of the license agreement to accept the license and then click Next > to proceed.

  4. Select the destination folder for the application installation files, e.g., C:\Program Files\SysKit\Monitor Data Collector. Click Next > to proceed.

  5. Enter the same Database Server and Database Name that you previously used in the application's Configuration Wizard. If you use SQL Authentication, provide username and password details.

  6. Provide the service account credentials.

  7. Click Finish to complete the Syskit Monitor Data Collector install wizard.

See How to Manage Syskit Monitor Data Collector article to learn more.

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