System Overview

The System Overview dashboard provides a complete overview of the server environment's health.

The System Overview dashboard consists of six tiles that display interesting graphics and information, allowing you to gain deeper insights into workloads and alerts from multiple systems in a single view.

The charts display a performance overview for the last 15 minutes, and the values next to the charts are updated in real time.

The Computer Health Overview tile summarizes the information on the Performance Dashboard. It shows computers by their status (i.e., critical, warning, healthy, offline, and unauthorized).

The Computer Health by Group tile displays the top five computer groups by their computers’ health. When a computer group is listed here with a red (or yellow) warning, thresholds have been crossed for one or more performance counter(s) on the computers within that group. Red indicates computers with a critical status and yellow indicates computers with a warning status.

When you click on a desired computer group, the resulting drilldown will capture the selected group and take you to a more detailed dashboard view.

The Alert Management tile displays all critical and warning alerts generated within the last 24 hours. This category will help you get a clear overview of all the alerts raised in your environment.

The Top computer tiles, which show CPU utilization, Memory consumption and Disk Space usage, display consumption charts for the top five computers according to usage metrics. This category quickly shows you which computers are consuming the most CPU, Memory and Disk Space on your monitored computers.

From this dashboard, you can drill down to five more reports by clicking on the desired metrics or charts within the tiles, which makes it very useful as an initial step in identifying performance bottlenecks and for further detailed analysis. When you click on a chart, the resulting drilldown captures the selected values and takes you to a more detailed history report.

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