Edit Dashboards

This article explains how to edit dashboard reports and format metrics.

This article describes how to edit dashboard reports and format metrics.

Dashboard ribbon

Using the dashboard ribbon you can:

  • Save as – save the selected dashboard under a different name and change its settings. Using this option you can save a System Dashboard as a custom made dashboard and modify it.

  • New – create new custom dashboard.

  • Edit – edit the selected dashboard settings.

  • Delete – delete the selected custom made dashboard.

  • Set as Default – by choosing this option, intial application screen will be set to be the selected dashboard.

  • Date Range – change the period the data is displayed for.

Edit dashboard reports

You can edit custom made dashboard by clicking Edit from the ribbon or edit each report individually by using the option buttons in the right upper corner of a report container.

Using the option buttons from the right upper corner of the each report you can:

  • refresh report data

  • edit report type, name and chart options

  • switch between chart and grid view

  • add and modify filters.

Edit dashboard metric

To edit metric settings, select the metric container and click Edit from the dashboard ribbon.

When the dashboard designer opens, you can:

  • add new metric

  • delete existing metric

  • edit selected metric name and color

  • format the selected metric

  • add or modify selected metric filters.

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