Create an Alert

This article explains how to set Custom Reports e-mail alerts.

This feature provides a possibility of receiving an email alert if a new entry is inserted into the previously created custom report - Idle-Activities-Today.

Create Alert

  1. Click the Create Alert button in the Custom Reports ribbon.

  2. Specify which e-mail addresses should receive the alerts. Here you can also:

    • enable appending new report entries in the e-mail body. If this option is enabled, you can create an entry template using variables such as User, Time Spent etc.

    • select whether to attach report in the e-mail or not.

    Depending on the custom report's purpose, the following example templates can be entered to the New entry template textbox:

    • {User} has been Idle for {Time Spent}

    • {User} has started {Application}

  3. Click OK to finish creating an alert.

Alert Options

  • Create Alert – create an email alert to inform you about new entries in the custom report.

  • Modify Alert – change the alert settings.

  • Remove Alert – deleting this alert will stop new entries email notifications.

  • Alert Last Sent – provides an information about time last alert was sent at.

See Configure Send e-mails system job to enable receiving email alerts.