Install Syskit Monitor

Read this article for detailed step-by-step instructions on how to install the Syskit Monitor and all its prerequisites.

Before you begin with the Syskit Monitor installation, we recommend that you carefully perform all preparation steps by reading the Pre-Installation Requirements article.

Installing Syskit Monitor

Our application just needs to be installed on a single server, which will then be used for monitoring other servers in the farm.

To install the Syskit Monitor, proceed with the following steps:

  1. Download the newest release.

  2. Unpack and run the SysKitMonitorSetup.exe. The wizard will guide you through the installation steps; click Next > to proceed.

  3. Click I Accept the terms of the license agreement to accept the license and then click Next > to proceed.

  4. This step allows you to choose the program features that you want to install and change how a feature is installed. The default option is set to install the Syskit Monitor desktop application only, but you can choose to install both the desktop and the web feature. Before proceeding, please read the System Requirements. Click Next > to proceed.

  5. Select the destination folder for the application installation files, e.g., C:\Program Files\SysKit\Monitor. Click Next > to proceed.

  6. You can change the folder name where the application shortcuts will be created and modify the availability option to install the Syskit Monitor for All users or Only for the current user. Click Next > to proceed.

  7. The following step about the installation method will appear if you don’t have a Microsoft SQL Server instance on this particular machine.

    The Quick Install option is recommended in cases where you have from 10 to a maximum of 20 servers. It is the quickest option. We take care of the configuration.

    If you have more than 20 servers and a dedicated SQL server, we advise you to select Advanced Install.

    You can choose to connect Syskit Monitor with a SQL Server instance you have or you can let the Syskit Monitor Setup install a new instance of SQL Server Express 2012 LocalDB (free of charge).

  8. The installation wizard will unpack your files and you will be able to run the application from: Start > All Programs > Syskit Monitor.

Once the installation is completed, the Configuration Wizard will start. If the wizard does not start automatically after installation, you can run it manually from: Start > All Programs > Syskit Monitor > Configuration Wizard.

Please note! The Syskit Monitor web application can be installed on the same server as the desktop application or on a separate server. If you choose to install the web application separately, please read this article.

Proceed to: Configuration Wizard.

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