Add Service User to Local Administrators Group Manually

This article explains how to manually add the Syskit Monitor service user to the Local Administrators security group.

  1. Log on to the server(s) you plan to monitor.

  2. Open Computer Management under Administrative tools on each server.

  3. Select Local Users and Groups in the left navigation and then Groups.

  4. Double-click the Administrators security group.

  5. Add the Syskit Monitor service user simply by clicking Add and typing the name of your Syskit Monitor service user (usually).

    After adding the service user, the Administrators security group will have the members listed similarly to the following: Administrator, domain\Domain Admins.

Please note! You need to repeat this procedure for every server you plan to monitor with the Syskit Monitor. If you plan to monitor multiple servers, we recommend adding the Syskit Monitor service user via Group Policy.

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