Predefined Monitoring Templates

Predefined templates are designed to quickly get you up and running with performance monitoring for the most common server roles—SQL, IIS, SharePoint, Hyper-V, and Citrix.

Syskit Monitor comes with predefined Monitoring Templates created by Syskit team according to technology’s best practices. They can be used to monitor specific servers out-of-the-box, or modified to answer the specific requirements.

The following monitoring templates are included in Syskit Monitor and come with the installation:

  • IIS Monitoring Template - tracks the most critical performance counters for web server functionality.

  • SQL Monitoring Template - tracks the most critical performance counters for SQL Server functionality.

  • ShrePoint Monitoring Template - tracks the most critical performance counters for SharePoint farms functionality.

The monitoring templates below are located in Syskit's repository and are ready for you to download and use.

  • Hyper-V Monitoring Template - tracks the most critical Hyper-V counters for virtual machine management.

  • Citrix Monitoring Template - tracks the most critical Citrix performance counters for XenApp and XenDesktop functionality.

  • Distributed Cache Monitoring Template - tracks the most critical SharePoint performance counters for caching functionality. Caching functionalities, provided by the Distributed Cache service which is built on Windows Server AppFabric Cache, enable the SharePoint features to quickly retrieve data without any dependency on databases stored in SQL Server as everything is stored in memory.

    It is essential to monitor the performance counters related to SharePoint Distributed Cache as the SharePoint performance relies on the provision of caching functionalities. Windows Server AppFabric performance counters allow you to monitor and troubleshoot caching. There are three counter categories related to the caching features. The Distributed Cache Service should also be monitored for memory management, resiliency, and availability issues. This is all very important to maintain the large amounts of information on the SharePoint Server – ensure that the information is fresh and readily available for the end user.

    This template does not have defined thresholds as they greatly depend on the SharePoint farm.

See the Monitoring Templates article to learn more about monitoring the custom performance counters and important services. There, you can also find instructions and useful tips on how to download, import, and apply monitoring templates to computers or computer groups.

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